How Much Do Braces Cost

At DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics, we’ve seen firsthand how braces can make a difference in your life! When you choose to invest in orthodontic treatment, you’re investing in your appearance, confidence, and long-term dental health. 

When considering orthodontic treatment, many prospective patients worry about the cost of braces and how they will afford them. We understand, and we’re here to help! Learn more about the average cost of braces and how we aim to provide the most affordable braces treatment. Schedule an appointment now!

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Braces?

Braces treatment is not one size fits all, which means that every patient requires a unique treatment solution. For this reason, it’s hard to estimate exactly what your specific braces cost will be. Here are some factors that will affect your braces cost:

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Orthodontist Experience

It’s also important to consider the skills and experience of your orthodontist! More seasoned orthodontists may charge more for their services. The experts at DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics are dedicated to providing you with world-class orthodontic care, regardless of your budget!


Every patient is unique and has different needs and goals for their smile! Some people have mild alignment issues, while others may have more complex conditions that require a different approach. We have treatment options for any lifestyle and are ready to help you achieve your dream smile!

Type Of Braces

With all the advances in braces technology over the past few years, braces are more comfortable and sleeker than ever! DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics offers Damon Braces, a braces treatment that uses a tie-less bracket and wire system to straighten teeth. Plus, we offer Damon Clear Braces, which blend into your teeth and create a seamless look. Depending on what braces you choose, it will likely affect your final braces price.


Age may also be a factor in your braces cost. Children and teens are still developing, making their teeth and jaw easier to align. Since adults may need more lengthy and involved treatment, the cost of braces may increase. 


Your geographical location may also play a part in the cost of braces. The average cost of braces in California is higher than that of other parts of the country. However, we do our best to provide the most affordable braces possible for our patients. 

What Is The Average Cost of Braces In Fresno & Clovis, CA?

So, how much do braces cost at DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics? The truth is, there is no hard and fast rule for the cost of braces at our practice. Your unique braces price will depend on your orthodontic condition, needs, and lifestyle.

That being said, the average cost of braces at our practice is somewhere between $3,500-$6,900. During your complimentary consultation, we will talk to you about your options and let you know what your unique braces price will be. 

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Does Insurance Cover My Braces?

Maybe! Some orthodontic treatments are covered by insurance. At DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics, our dedicated office team has experience filing many different types of insurance. We can also help you determine what treatments are covered by your insurance!

Are There Payment Options Available?

Yes! We offer interest-free, flexible financing to help you get the most affordable braces treatment. We also work with our patients to ensure that they are maximizing their insurance benefits. We’ll provide your insurance company with all the information needed to process your orthodontic care claim.


Get Affordable Braces at DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics!

Investing in your smile is one of the best investments you can make in yourself! There are many perks to a straight smile, like increased confidence, a radiant appearance, and better dental health. Plus, braces treatment can help you avoid future dental problems and costly dental procedures.

When looking to improve your smile with orthodontic treatment, it’s crucial to entrust your smile to an expert orthodontist. At DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics, we aim to provide high-quality, affordable braces treatment. We will work with you to find a financing solution to fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

We can’t wait to meet you and help you achieve your dream smile. Schedule a free consultation today!