Cost of Clear Aligners

How Much Does Clear Aligners or Invisalign Cost?

The national average for clear aligners ranges from $3,000 to $5,000; whereas, traditional braces range from $3,000 to $7,000. As with dental braces, clear aligners costs do not factor in restorative procedures that may be necessary prior to treatment; however, there are several factors that are used to determine how much your clear aligners treatment will cost.

These factors include:

  • What issues are being addressed?
  • The amount of work that needs to be done.
  • The average cost of clear aligners in your area.
  • How long it takes your orthodontist to prepare everything for your treatment plan. Preparation includes: examining your mouth, taking impressions, and creating 3D images of your teeth using clear aligners’ revolutionary iTero scanner. With these 3D images, your orthodontist will map out your actual treatment plan. Once your orthodontist sends the images and your treatment plan to the clear aligners laboratory, they are used to create your custom-designed aligners.

Clear Aligners or Invisalign Provider Designations

Clear aligners highlight orthodontists who have become skilled at using their system. These providers are awarded special designations to help them stand out from the rest. An orthodontist’s designation level is based on the number of patients the provider treats with clear aligners on an annual basis. By choosing a provider with a special designation, patients can feel confident about their orthodontist’s skill level.

Clear Aligners or Invisalign offers four special designations:

  1. Diamond — 280 to 399 patients per year.
  2. Premier Elite — a total of at least 300 patients and 50 patients every 6 months.
  3. Premier — a total of at least 50 patients and 25 every 6 months.
  4. Preferred — at least 10 patients per year.

Insurance Plan Coverage

Do I need a referral to see an orthodontic specialist?

Patients should always check with their insurance provider to find out if they need a referral. Even if a referral is not required, patients should still contact their provider because they may need to choose an orthodontist from a list of professionals who are contracted with their insurance network.

Are there age limitations on adult insurance coverage?

Patients need to check their specific dental insurance plans to determine whether their insurance will cover treatment with clear aligners for adults. Sometimes, if insurance will not cover the clear aligners appliance, it will cover other orthodontic costs related to the preparation for clear aligners treatment, etc. However, there are dental insurance plans that do not cover teeth-straightening procedures for adults.

Is there a waiting period for orthodontic benefits?

Some dental insurance companies do require that their clients wait a certain length of time before they are eligible to receive orthodontic benefits.

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