Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment in Fresno & Clovis

Starting treatment at the right moment can set your child up for a lifetime of smiles. Learn more about interceptive orthodontic treatment during a complimentary appointment with the experts at  DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics.

What is Interceptive Orthodontics?

Many people believe the myth that you don’t need to worry about seeing an orthodontist until your child loses their baby teeth. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that you take your child in for an orthodontist by the time they are seven

Many orthodontic issues are visible at this age and a trained orthodontist will be able to identify areas that may benefit from treatment. Seeing an orthodontist by the age of seven allows orthodontists to get a sense of your child’s needs. It also lets parents develop a relationship with a professional they know they can trust. 

Interceptive treatment is a defensive strategy for getting ahead of minor concerns before they become bigger problems. Early intervention for younger patients with uneven tooth development can help them get ahead of growing conditions. The steps taken during early interceptive treatment can address misplaced or crowded teeth, jaw discrepancies, and impacted teeth. 

Overall, early treatment is a less invasive approach that helps create room for your child’s developing smile. Be aware that some children may require more orthodontic treatment after their adult teeth emerge. 

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The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Taking advantage of early orthodontic care has many benefits. In many cases, orthodontic treatment works quicker with children than with adults or teens. Early treatment provides your child with a healthy foundation for their future teeth. 

Corrective procedures make it easier for your child to clean their teeth and gums. This means there are fewer places for food to build up and plaque to build-up. Easier to clean teeth are less likely to develop cavities or gum disease.

Other benefits of early treatment include: 

  • Healthy teeth and jaws 
  • Creating a favorable space for permanent teeth
  • Decreased risk of speech problems 
  • Less likely to need expensive jaw surgery 
  • Decreased grinding on the teeth

Common Types of Early Orthodontic Treatment

No two children have the exact same needs. At DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics, we believe that every patient deserves a treatment plan as unique as they are. 

As part of their treatment, we may recommend Damon System braces. These self-ligating appliances are a revolution in teeth-straightening technology. They can gradually reposition teeth by pairing shape-memory, high-technology archwires with tieless brackets. The Damon System works around the clock to provide your child with a more comfortable treatment experience. 

Damon Clear is another option that uses the same sophisticated technology as Damon Braces but features less noticeable brackets and archwires. These nearly-invisible braces blend into your child’s mouth. Unlike aligners, you don’t have to worry about your child losing them or not following their treatment plan. 

Other treatment options may include clear aligners, retainers, or specialty appliances. We will give you a better sense of your exact treatment plan during your complimentary appointment. 

Are Phase 1 Orthodontics Right for Your Child?

Phase 1 orthodontics can set up your child for a lifetime of smiles. However, not every child needs early interceptive orthodontics. Some issues may correct themselves and may not require any intervention. Without guidance from an orthodontist, it is impossible to know whether or not your child would benefit from Phase 1 treatment. 

The best way to learn about your child’s needs is to schedule a complimentary appointment with DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics now. For over 25 years, we have helped people throughout the Fresno and Clovis areas achieve lasting results with outstanding orthodontic care. 

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