Cost of Braces

How Much Do Damon Braces Cost?

The costs associated with the Damon Teeth-Straightening System are comparable to those of traditional braces and clear aligners. During your initial consultation, specific information related to your orthodontic needs is collected. Once your consultation is complete, we will know what issues need to be addressed before you start your treatment with Damon Braces (if any) as well as how long your teeth-straightening treatment will take.

What are the Benefits of Treatment with Damon Braces?

The Damon System is a clinically proven treatment that not only aligns the teeth but enhances the facial features. This revolutionary teeth-straightening system takes a different approach to treating patients. Damon braces are inconspicuous, comfortable, easy to clean and self-ligating. With these braces, there is no need for ties. Since there are no ties, there is nothing to tighten; therefore, adjustments are not necessary. Fewer orthodontic appointments make this option a convenient choice.

When compared to some of the other teeth-straightening options, these innovative braces offer the patient faster treatment time, less irritation, reduced pain and the ability to practice better oral hygiene. This system uses gentle, low-friction force and the light ‘shape memory’ titanium wires to gently guide the teeth into position. The Damon System is also available in clear brackets, providing patients a way to attain a great smile, discreetly.

Does My Insurance Cover Damon Braces?

How much does my insurance pay for Damon Braces?

The amount your insurance company will pay toward Damon Braces depends solely on your plan. Patients need to contact their insurance company to ask about their benefits before they begin treatment.

Will I need to get a referral before I can see an orthodontic specialist?

Due to the number of dental insurance companies and plan options, patients need to contact their insurance company to ask about referrals. Also, patients should ask if they need to choose a provider that is in a specific network to perform their orthodontic procedures.

Do insurance companies put an age limit on the coverage for teeth-straightening procedures?

Some dental insurance companies will not cover teeth-straightening procedures for adults; whereas others may cover portions of the Damon Braces procedure. Patients will need to contact their insurance company to find out what their dental insurance plan covers.

Can dental insurance companies delay providing orthodontic benefits for a specific amount of time?

There are dental insurance providers that place waiting periods on orthodontic benefits. This waiting period can be 12 months or 2 years, it all depends on the patient’s plan.

Payment Options

Are there payment options available for Damon Braces treatment?

Yes, interest-free financing is available. In addition, we work with patients to help them maximize their insurance benefits. This is accomplished by providing the insurance company with the information it needs (e.g., X-rays, clinical chart notes, etc.) to process dental claims.

Let us help you straighten your teeth to create the smile you have always wanted. To schedule your free consultation, and to learn more about the revolutionary procedures we offer at DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics, call our office today.

In terms of confidence level and self-esteem, having a nice smile is priceless. Since both of these factors can directly affect your career and your relationships if you are unhappy with the way that your smile looks, consider taking advantage of the innovative dental treatments and procedures that are now available. One of these treatments is the Damon System of braces. This revolutionary system offers patients a way to straighten their teeth quicker with less irritation than typically experienced with traditional braces. In addition, the Damon System is unique in that it also helps improve the patient’s facial contours.

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